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Syrga salu and Kudalyk

One of the main, impor...
Syrga salu and Kudalyk
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  • Syrga salu and Kudalyk
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    One of the main, important and touching events in the life of every person is a wedding. In Kazakhstan, such events are held especially in several stages, each of which carries a deep sense of the culture of the Kazakh people. Absolutely all stages of the wedding are accompanied by wedding customs, which must be approached individually.

    It begins with the matchmaking - "Kudalyk", when on the appointed day the groom's parents come to the bride's house with their close relatives - 7-8 people to meet and solve all the important issues of the upcoming wedding. The bride's parents cover a rich dastarkhan with traditional Kazakh dishes, and also prepare gifts. Already at the festive table, the groom's side, in the person of the main matchmaker, "Bas Kuda", gradually begins the conversation, namely with the presentation of all the arrivals in turn. Then the guests communicate and when the conversation is adjusted the bass to where it finds the right moment, starts the conversation and asks the consent of the parents. The further task of the party is to agree with the bride's relatives about the wedding. If the parents of the bride agree, then the rituals "Kudalyk" begin.
     According to the rules, this day passes without the participation of the newlyweds, the groom should not attend this event, and the bride also leaves the house in advance for a time. But modern Kazakhs have introduced such a ritual as "Syrga salu", so the presence of the newlyweds is especially important. Also an innovation in holding matchmaking in Kazakh families is the invitation of the toastmaster, who will hold "Kudalyk" solemnly and professionally, diluting the event with songs and dances. As for the rite of donning the earrings to the bride-cheese, he symbolizes the final contract between the matchmakers. Also, accompanied by a toastmaster and beautiful music, this tradition goes as follows: to the matchmakers, two bridegrooms are taken out to the bride-daughter-in-law, holding hands. The bridegroom's mother removes the girl's earrings and puts on the future daughter-in-law others who were brought to matchmaking, which means that now the bride has a new status, and she belongs to the bridegroom's kind. All the relatives on the part of the bride, as well as two daughters-in-law, the bride, who brought out the bride, are given gifts. All presented presents to each other testify to the successful completion of matchmaking.