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Amazing Mangystau

  • Автор: PANDA LLC
  • Дерек көзі:
  • Күні: 2018-08-08
  • Қарау уақыты: 440umm
Mangystau region is situated in the south-western part of Kazakhstan, on the eastern coastline of Caspian Sea.
       The area of  Mangystau region is 165 642 km2.The territory of Mangystau is so huge, that two Austria, 1,5 of Bulgaria, approximately four Denmark, and more than five Belgium could be easily accommodated there.
       The climate and relief of Mangystau have created the unique beauty of natural landscapes, presenting amazing contrasts.

        Sandy and steep-sided coastline of Caspian Sea outstretches to 700 km, and it provides great opportunity for summer rest by the sea, fishing and swimming as well ass sailing catamaran ride.
        Mangystau mountains would not surprise you with their height but nevertheless the variety of colors and unique shapes would definitely amaze you.

        In Mangystau there are many mysterious and secret rifts, and one of the most famous ones is Karagiye rift, with a mark of 132 m. below level of world ocean;it is the deepest rift  among CIS countries.

        In Mangystau region there are more than 12 thousand of archaeological and architectoral monuments, and some of them are included into the heritage register of UNESCO.

       GREAT SILK ROAD is the caravan road, connecting Eastern Asia with Mediterranean in ancient times and middle Ages. The great power had managed to trace the Silk Road across this charming area of mountains, sand and sea. In ancient times Mangystau was seething with people in trade settlements.To visit the legendary places of ancient settlements in one of the parts of Great Silk Road you can in Mangystau.
       Inhabitants of Mangystau are famous for their hospitality and respect to ancestors’ traditions.

       If you look up the historical information of Mangystau, you will find out that from the earliest times the inhabitants of Mangystau steppes had the nomadic lifestyle.
       One of the traditional attributes og nomads’ life was yurt. Yurt being the greatest invention of Eurasia nomads during many centuries was the only portable accommodation for them.The great attention was paid to yurt’s decoration, installing and dismounting the yurt, as well as the interior of yurt – it is the separate science.
       The ethnographic aul «Kogez» is located 14 km away from Shetpe village in Mangystau region and it accepts tourists with the true Kazakh hospitality in traditional yurts, treats with national dishes, and presenting the folklore evenings.
      The ancient land of Mangystau has centuries-long history, being the keeper of cultural values, oral folk arts, and applied arts.

      Aktau city is the center of Mangystau region, which presents the dynamical development of the beautiful city located at the coastline of Caspian Sea. It has the honorable name of Kazakhstan Sea Gates.

        In Mangystrau the transport infrastructure is presented by air, railway, sea and automobile transport. In Aktau there is Aktau International airport functioning. The railway transport connects this region with Russia,Central Asian countries and China. In this region there is the only in the Republic commercial sea port, that basically works with freight transport.
        Everything astonishes with its unique character, identity and value in Mangystau.You can get this feeling traveling around Mangystau along with «Panda Tours»  LLP.

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