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Central Asia tours
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Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, kazakhstan tour

Uzbekistan Kyrgzstan kaakhstan tour 33 days 
Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, kazakhstan tour
  • 10-day tour Kyzgyzstan
  • Uzbekistan & Turkmenistan tour 12 days
  • Central Asia 20 day, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan
  • 17 day tour with Stan countries(Central Asia)
  • Adventures in the Desert of Karakalpakstan, Western Uzbekistan
  • 6 Day Adventures in the Desert of Karakalpakstan, Western Uzbekistan
  • Uzbekistan Highlights(8 day)
  • Uzbekistan 8 day tour (Deluxe option)
  • Charvak tour
  • Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan
  • Almaty to Bishkek 7 day tour
  • Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, kazakhstan tour
  • Uzbekistan 6 day tour
Day 01: Arrive Tashkent  
On arrival transfer to hotel 
Afternoon free time to relax. 
Day 02: Tashkent - Nukus by HY1001 07:00 C 09:45 C Khiva by road C 350 km 
  Morning transfer to the airport for flight to Nukus. 
  Sightseeing in Nukus: visit highlight of Nukus C recently relocated Igor Savitskiy Museum, home to one of the finest collections of Soviet avant-garde art from the 1920s and 30s; an age of relative artistic freedom before the demands from the centre changed in the mid 1930s. 
  Proceed to Khiva and upon arrival transfer to hotel. 

Day 03: Khiva 
  Full day sightseeing in Khiva: 
  Khiva is the museum under the open sky in the inner city Ichan Kala no transport, whole day will be just walking tour. 
  Lunch at local restaurant in Khiva 
  Khiva city tour full day: visit Ichan Kala, Kalta 
  Minor, Kunya Ark, Madrassah Rakhimkhon, Mausoleum of Pakhlavan Makhmud. Enjoy view of whole ancient Khiva, Friday mosque and Tashauli Palace/harem. 

Day 04: Khiva C Bukhara C 470 km 
  Morning drive to Bukhara via famous Kizil Kum desert (Red sands)  
  See desert flora and fauna: unique saksaul trees and other desert vegetation, different kind mammals. Stop at Amudarya river bank  
  On arrival to Bukhara transfer to hotel. Check in. 
Day 05: Bukhara  
  After breakfast half day sightseeing tour in Bukhara:  
  Visit C Lab-i-khauz ensemble, the pool and chaikhana of which is the modern centre of traditional Uzbekistan.  
  Visit Madrassah Nadirkhon Devanbegi, Khanaga, Mogaki Attari mosque, Poi Kalon minaret and mosque. Later see Madrassahs Aziz Khan and Ulugbek 
  Afternoon at leisure 
  Enjoy walking among old Bukharian streets 
Day 06: Bukhara C Tashkent HY-1338 20.50 - 21.50 
  Half day sightseeing in Bukhara: 
  Continue the visit of Bukhara with the Mausoleum of Bahouddin Naqshband, the Chor Minor and the Necropolis of Chor Bakr. 
  Evening transfer to the airport for flight to Tashkent 
Day 07: Tashkent - Fergana - 348km 
  Early morning drive to Fergana en route visit Kokand. Excursion to the major sights: Khudayar Khan Palace, Jommi Mosque, Narbutabey and Dasturkhanchi Madrassah, Royal Cemetery and Khaidarov Workshop (museum of Kokand woodcraft). 
  Visit Rishton - center of unique ceramic production in Uzbkekistan. It is certainly not by mere chance that Rishtan has become famous for its ceramics. There are deposits of rich red clay, natural minerals and mountainous vegetation, which are needed for the production process. Visit workshop. 
  Visit Margilan to see whole process of hand made silk production at famous Yodgorlik factory. Locating in south-east of Fergana Valley, Margilan is considered to be one of the ancient cities in Uzbekistan and Central Asia, as well as a big centre of international trade. 
  On arrival to Fergana transfer to hotel 
  Overnight: Hotel Club 777 

Day 08: Fergana - Osh, Dustlik border 95km 
  Morning transfer to Uzbek-Kyrgyz border "Dustlik". Border migration formalities. Transfer to Osh. As legends say Osh was founded by King Solomon ages ago and had an important position on trading routes of the Great Silk Road.  
  Today you will visit Suleiman-Too (Solomon s Mountain), museum, Osh bazaar. This market locates at the same place as in the times of Great Silk Road.  

Overnight in the guest house.  

Day9: Osh C Sary Tash 
  After breakfast transfer to Sary-Tash ( 220 km ). The scenery along this day of the trip is changeable with tree lined mountain slopes, small rivers and gorgeous panoramas. Lunch at local restaurant of Gulcha village. Continue driving, the road goes over the Taldyk pass (3615 m ) and descends to the village of Sary-Tash. Dinner and overnight in a home stay at MIRBEK'S Guest house. 

Day 10, Friday Sary Tash - Irkeshtam  

border point and continue to Kashgar 
Early in the morning transfer to Irkeshtam border ( 80 km ). The view is "spectacularly amazing", with the Pamir mountain range covered with permanent snow and glaciers on the right-hand side and small hills on the left with summer pastures. Arriving to the border (2000 m. above see level). Crossing the border and meeting with Chinese tour company. Transfer to Kashgar. 

Day 11, Saturday Kashgar 
Day 12, Sunday Kashgar market

Day 13, Monday Kashgar - Torugart Pass - Tash Rabat 
Early in the morning transfer to Torugart border. Crossing the border and meeting with representative of Kyrgyzstan tour company. Transfer to Tash Rabat. 

 Overnight in yurts. 

Day 14: Tash Rabat 
Free day. Visiting a Tash-Rabat caravanserai. Short hiking or horse back riding. Overnight in the yurt camp. 

Day 15: Tash Rabat C Son Kul 
Transfer to Son-Kul. Son-Kul is one of the highest lakes in Kyrgyzstan (2030 m above sea level). It is a place where you can experience a nomadic life. You will have a chance to ride a horse, see edelweiss flowers, camels, yaks, golden eagles, and to see how local women make Kyrgyz national drink C Kymyz (mare s milk).  

Overnight in the yurt camp. 

Day 16: Son Kul C Kochkor 
In the morning transfer to Kochkor where you can see a process of making Kyrgyz national felt carpets. Lunch with a local Kyrgyz family. Experience folklore show at dinner with local family. 

 Overnight in a home stay.  

Day 17: Kochkor - Skazka gorge - Tosor village. 
  Start driving to Tosor village. En route visit Bokombaevo village where you will see eagle hunting show. Next stop in Skazka valley there sandstone cliffs have been shaped by centuries of wind and melting snow into an ensemble of columns, canyons and crag, ranging in color from deep red to bright orange.  
Dinner and overnight in a Yurt in Tosor village. Yurts are located on Southern shore of the lake 100 meters from Lake Beach.  

Day 18: Tosor- Barskoon - Jety Oguz 
  In the morning drive to Jety-Oguz gorge, which is a lush valley with some striking red sandstone rock formations (the seven Bulls from which the valley takes its name). On the way short visit to Barskoon gorge to see the waterfall. Arrival in Jety Oguz gorge. Lunch. And start hiking to see the view of Oguz-Bashy Glacier. Dinner and overnight in yurts. 

Day 19: Jety Oguz -Cholopon-Ata - Karakol 
Drive to Cholpon Ata. In Cholpon-Ata visit open-air art gallery of stone, said to date from 500 BC C 100 AD, they depict wolves, long-horned ibex, goats, horses, snow leopards, sacrifices and some hunting scenes. Lunch in Cholpon-Ata. And drive back to Karakol. Tour in Karakol. Visit the wooden Russian-orthodox church, Dungan Mosque and Prezhevalsky-Museum. Overnight in Karakol. 

Day 20: Karakol - Almaty via Kegen, Karkara valley.  
  Today we drive to Almaty though Karkara valley. En-route we will stop at Temirlane's soldiers small stones. We will have picnic at Charyn canyon' view. Overnight in Almaty.  

Day 21: Almaty 
  In the morning transfer to Tamgaly-Tas canyon on the right bank the Ili river. There we can see Budda stone inscription and Bodhisatv. There are scripts in Tibetian language dated to XII - XVII AD. Centuries. Back to Almaty.  

Day 22: Almaty-Shymkent Flight-Aksuu-Djabagli 
  Meet from Shymkent airport. Transfer to Aksu-Djabagli National Nature Reserve. En-route visit Mausoleums of Babadji-Hatum and Aisha-Bibi 11-12 centuries. Lunch en-route. Dinner and overnight in Aksu-Djabagli village. 

Day 23: Full day Exploration of Nature Reserve, visit waterfall. Overnight in a viilage. Guest house. 
Day 24: Aksuu-Dj - Bishkek 
Drive to Bishkek. After arrival sightseeing of Bishkek. Dinner at local restaurant. Overnight in Asia-Mountains-2 Hotel. 
Day 25: Bishkek-Almaty.  
  Morning visit Ala-Archa National Nature Park. Lunch in Bishkek and PM. Drive to Almaty. Overnight in Almaty. 

Day 26 Almaty - khorgos 

Drive to Khorgos border stay in khorgos town with my boy friends family for the night. Explore around the boder area and  have a banquet dinner with his family 
everybody needs to cook,the option is roast whole lamb etc. 

Day27.khorgos-sayram lake-kuitun 

Drive to saram lake,on the way stop for wild fruit valley, enjoy the stunning scenery along the way. 

Sayram known as Santai Haizi. It is the largest (458 km²) alpine lake in Xinjiang and also the highest(2,070 m). 

Day28 kuitun- Wu Caiwan -- Burqin  

Drive along National Highway 216 Wu Caiwan to enjoy the beauty of the landscape of the colorful spectacle. Huoshaoshan, across the Karameh in the Junggar Basin, hoofed Nature Reserve. Beitun along by the beauty of the Irtysh River, a lot of European-style building into the small town of Burqin to enjoy the best in the world Yadandemao colorful beach  

D29 Burqin - Hemu  

places to the most primitive mysterious Hemu, (on foot or on horseback can be) Gordon and beautiful peak viewing platform to watch the natural scenery along the way, we can see flocks of sheep. 

Day30 Hemu village 
Enjoy some free time to ride a horse or walk around in Hemu village. Visit the Tuwa Tribe, a local ethnic minority who have been inhabitated here for centuries and have developed their unique custom.  

Day 31.Hemu-kanas-jiadengyu 

Drive to kanas lake area by shuttle bus,en route visit the dragon bay, crescent moon bay and the yaze bay as well as a tuwa village. 


Long drive to wuerhe visit ghost city.stay one night there. 


In the morning explore around the ghost city, after lunch drive to urumqi.  

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