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Kazakhstan tours
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Almaty, Charyn, Tanbaly Tas, Turkestan,Astana

Almaty, Charyn, Tanbaly Tas, Turkistan,Astana 11 days tours
Almaty, Charyn, Tanbaly Tas, Turkestan,Astana
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  • Almaty, Charyn, Tanbaly Tas, Turkestan,Astana
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Day 1: Almaty 

 Professional English speaking tour guide will pick-up from hotel and start sightseeing, first visit the Russian-style Orthodox Church in Panfilov Park - Zinkov Cathedral, which is said to be the second highest wooden structure in the world, without a nail. Built in the 1907 Russian era, it is the only remaining building after the 1911 earthquake in Almaty. The exterior of the church is bright yellow, the entire church is decorated by various next visit the Kazakhstan National Musical Instrument Museum, which is known as one of the world's most famous musical instrument museums. The antique and bell-like houses are particularly eye-catching. The exterior walls are inlaid with clear wooden panels, and the national musical instruments of Kazakhstan are erected in front of the building. "Kobiz", the predecessor of the museum was the Military Officer's Conference Hall, which was built in 1908. There are 53 kinds of instruments used by famous poets and musicians such as Abai and Jiangbul, as well as dozens of instruments from all over the world. 

The 28th Warriors Monument, in honor of the German Fasistank attack in the defending battle in Moscow, the heroic former Soviet 316 Panfilov Guards Infantry Division 1075 regiment of 28 warriors (10 of them are Almaty) 

Arbat Street 

The main pedestrian street in Almaty is not the “Silk Road”. The locals call it Arbat, similar to Arbat Street in Moscow. Although smaller in size than Arbat Street in Moscow, it is still worth visiting. In addition, you can enjoy the works of local artists anytime, anywhere on Arbat Street, and even let him paint a portrait for you to commemorate. There are regular shows of various performances, with performances by street musicians, including musicians from Ecuador. The mime actors near the department store are famous people in the area and are called "whites." Over the years, it has not only attracted the attention of tourists, but even the locals of Almaty have come to see their performances. In addition, Silk Road Avenue is home to many shops and restaurants, as well as the city’s oldest “Cum”, a department store built in 1961. 

“Kok Bazar” is one of the largest integrated markets in Almaty. It should be noted that the green Bazaar is now more than 100 years old and is one of the most important trading points for Almaty's specialized trade activities. In 1875, according to the order of the Semipalatinsk merchants, a shopping mall was built in Verni, merchants stayed there, and local merchants opened their own shops. Today, the famous Green Bazaar is located at the site of the mall. 

"Kok Tobe" (Kektobe Mountain) is located in the southeast of Almaty at an altitude of 1070 meters. Local residents call the Koktobe Mountain a “green mountain”, a very famous attraction in Almaty and the best place to see the night view of Almaty. There is a Koktobe TV Tower on the mountain. The interior is a radio and television broadcasting station with an altitude of 1000 meters and a height of 372 meters. The TV tower is adjacent to the TV tower. It overlooks the panorama of Almaty and has a cable car. City. 

Day 2:  Almaty- Medeo Ice Rink and Shymbulak Ski Resort-Almaty 


Medeo Ice Rink and Shymbulak Ski Resort 

The Joan Brak Ski Resort is one of the largest ski resorts in Kazakhstan with the most advanced equipment and natural resources. It is an important snow sports training base and ice and snow tourism center in Kazakhstan. It is one of the first scenic spots in Kazakhstan. Europe is very famous. 

It is 25 km from the city centre of Almaty, with an average summer temperature of 25 degrees Celsius and an average winter of minus 7 degrees Celsius. There are also hotels, restaurants and cafes next to the resort, with a wide variety of cuisines to suit the tastes of different people. As the venue for the 2017 World University Winter Olympics, one of the most famous ski resorts in the world attracts countless tourists every year. Whether in the summer or in the winter, it is a very worthwhile resort to enter the resort, and there is a towering snow-capped peak between the snow-capped peaks, with an average elevation of 2,260 meters. The highest point of the snowy road is 3,160 meters above sea level. The length and slope of the snowy road are not inferior to the big ski resorts in Europe, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, etc., but the cost is lower than these countries, becoming a paradise for the world alpine skiers. 

Return to Almaty to Aigul line to visit Kazakh national traditional handicraft production performances, where you can also bring tourist souvenirs home. 

Day 3: Almaty - Charyn Canyon - Almaty 

One day trip to the Charyn Canyon is a travel to east of Kazakhstan, where you will have an unforgettable view of a huge gorge with cliffs and of various colours and shades. Depart Almaty and drive to Charyn canyon (220km, 3-4h). Arrive in canyon. Have some time for picnic and rest. After that walk along canyon and enjoy its beautiful view. In the afternoon return to Almaty.The canyon is a part of the Charyn National Park territory and you will have an opportunity to see the old ash-tree grove, the Castle Valley, one part of 154-meter canyon with cliffs resembling towers. Despite a long way to go, the beauty of the Canyon will make you forget long hours of drive and this sight of nature in Kazakhstan will stay long in your memories. 

Day 4: Tanbaly Tas-Almaty Metro 

Tanbaly Tas is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site 

The Temgri Grand Canyon is located in the mountains between the vast and arid Chuhe-Ili River. There are more than 5,000 rare ancient rock carvings, ranging from 1000 BC to 3000 in the early 20th century. The location describes the situation of the people's agriculture, animal husbandry, social organization and etiquette in the pastoral area. People who have settled here have always had a hierarchy of distinctions and personal attachment. A large number of ancient tombs including the sarcophagus (the middle and late Bronze Age) and the tomb (the early Iron Age) have also been discovered here. There are so many inscriptions in the canyon that it may have been a place for rituals. Drive back to the city to visit the murals that reflect modern life in the subway. There are many traditional Kazakh-themed murals, all of which are hand-burned, such as girls chasing, ramming sheep, reacting to Kazakh babies sleeping in the cradle and other life details. 

Day 5:Almaty-Shymkent-Turkistan 

Take a flight to Shemkent, the third largest city in Kazakhstan, transfer to Turkistan as soon as we take off from airplane. Check in to the hotel have lunch, after lunch we will visit the Kozha Axmet Yasauyi Mausoleum, one of the must-see attractions to visit Turkistan. Every year, there are no less than 100,000 tourists going to the mausoleum for pilgrimage. The tomb Lord Ahmed Yasavi is a Turkic Sufis. He is an important promoter of the Central Asian Turks to believe in Islam. Therefore, his mausoleum is also known as the Turk of Jerusalem. 

Day 6: Ancient town Sauran- Shemkent- Astana 

Some 48km northwest of Turkestan stand the best preserved and most atmospheric ruins of all the many ruined Silk Road cities in the Syr-Darya valley. Its circuit of baked-earth walls, plus remains of some bastions, residential buildings and gates, still stand despite conquerors and the elements. You're likely to have the ruins all to yourself. A taxi from Turkestan should cost around 8000T round trip: ask for Krepost (Fortress) Sauran to distinguish it from Sauran village. 

Sauran was capital of the Mongol White Horde in the 14th century and 16th-century writers described it as a ‘pleasant’ and ‘cheerful’ city with two high minarets and a sophisticated water-supply system. 

Sauran is visible as a long, low mound about 2.5km southwest from the Turkestan–Kyzylorda highway, some 50km out of Turkestan and about 13km past the village of Sauran. Closer up, the ruins loom like something out of The Lord of the Rings (but remember: this is Sauran, not Sauron). 

Day 7: Shymkent-Astana 

In the morning sightseeing in the city, Shinki Kent is one of the cultural ancient cities of Kazakhstan and has a unique style. Compared with the northern part of Kazakhstan, the southern city of Shenmu Kent and its surroundings are more able to feel the traces of Kazakh traditional culture. 

In the afternoon, take a flight to Astana. 

Day 8: Astana  

Astana is one of the youngest capitals in the world and will hold the 20th anniversary of Astana in 2018. In 2017, Astana City hosted the theme Expo, which successfully attracted more than 4 million visitors to Astana. Visit the Tree of Life, one of the symbols of Astana. Visit the Khan Big Tent, one of the largest tent buildings in the world. Visit the 9-story Nazarbayev Library and enjoy the interior design of the library. 

Day 9 : Burabay National  Park 

After breakfast in the morning, we will organize a visit to Burabay National Park. We will provide two and a half hours of excursions and provide guided tours.The beauty of Burabay is hailed by local people as Central Asian Switzerland. In the national forest park with a forest coverage of 47,600 hectares, there are 757 species of plants and 119 species of endangered plants, of which 12 are Listed in the IUCN Red List of Endangered Species. 65% of all trees are pine trees (Brazil black pine, which has the effect of clearing the lungs), 31% are birch, 3% are poplar, and 1% are shrubs. 

Day 10 Fly home from Astana 
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